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Re: Cast any actor from any era for your dream Batman cast.

COunt me in as another fan of Kilmer's Bat. He wasn't ideal for the role but I thought he did a lot better than Clooney or Keaton. Made a dashing, athetic Batman and captured the playboy side of Bruce Wayne along with the brooding intensity.

Two points of view on this thread I really don't get though. One is the Clint-as-old-Batman one. Never did get that idea. I like Clint but if he was to be a comic character, he'd be a perfect Judge Dredd or Nick Fury. But he's too blue-collar for Bruce Wayne - I just can't see him convincing anyone as a playboy/ business man type. He's too one-dimensional to play Batman, even the grim old avenger of TDKR.

The other POV I'm (respectfully) not getting is the idea of Tim Burton doing TDKR in his Batverse. To me, the two just wouldn't gel at all. Burton's Gotham was almost fairy-tale esque, it fitted very much in the milieu of the rest of his movies. Batman Returns especially - it's easier to imagine Edward Scissorhands co-existing in this universe than Superman. Whereas TDKR was almost hyper-real, splicing tv clips and talking heads to achieve its topicality. When has Burton ever gone for that approach?

I would have thought that Zach Snyder, Tony Scott or Neil Bergkamp (District 9) would be ideal directors for a live-action TDKR.

I also don't see even an older grizzled Michael Keaton as the Batman/ Bruce Wayne of that story. I'd prefer Robert Redford from around the time of The Last Castle, Harrison Ford circa Air Force One, maybe even Tom Berenger as he is now.
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