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I'd say that the cost of technology has dropped considering you get more bang for your buck. Todays's computers have an incredible amount of processing power per dollar spent. I bought my first PC for just under $2000.00 (thats right two thousand dollars) and I had 256K of processing power. The laptop I own today is incredibly more powerful and cost exceedingly less.
Yes, resources are limited. However our monitary system is not bound to our resources anymore. Go into your bank and ask to see your money. They will show you a printout. That's your money. Our economy got out of control just like Germany's did in the pre-WWII era. We pretty much decided that if we needed it we'd just print more, it is no long backed by gold and silver. The power of the almighty dollar in international circles is not based upon it's actual value, but based upon the military power that backs it up. Okay, that ought to be enough to get your guys ire up...

Sure, fiat currency is the devil.

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