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Re: Cleopatra's Needle - Design Proposals

Hmmm. So this was based on mission specs as projected by Picard. See what happens when you try to come up with a design based on a half-remembered reading of a given novel?

Okay, next revision of the drawings after the ones I'm about to post had best reflect that fact about Picard's role.

Moving along...I want to see competing designs here. I'm under no illusions as to whether or not I've still got a few tonnes of stuff to learn for this particular skill set. The competition will therefore be good for me.

Deck 2's taking shape, Deck 1's just about nailed down, although the "engineering alcove" idea ought to be reflected properly in the drawing for that. I've moved from CorelDraw to Adobe Illustrator for this, plus the exterior drawings, although some hand-drawn line art is going to come into play as well. Very rough pencil line art, most likely.

Cargo bays: I'm unconvinced of the lack of need for such aboard Cleo just at the moment. Murphy's Laws as applied to space exploration being a heavy influence on my thinking.

Dwight Williams
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