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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Enterprise

TheGodBen wrote:
Oi, get your own thread! This is my franchise and I'll defend it to the full extent of intellectual property law!
Many apologies, as stated originally I wasn't intending to take it over, was just enjoying discussing episodes week by week and thought it would be ruder to start another thread to "compete" as well as a waste of time making a new thread for each new episode. I'll be posting no more reviews in this thread now you're back.

Axesoleve wrote:
In all seriousness, you're totally hijacking this thread and its both annoying me and making me feel uncomfortable, its incredibly rude IMO. You can always start your own if you please.
I think that's overcooking it slightly... however if I made you feel that uncomfortable I kinda wish you'd contacted me earlier to let me know.

TheGodBen wrote:
But the most important thing that this episode heralds is some good old-fashioned universe building. Actions here will have consequences, these aliens will be important later, and Shran will take on a bigger role in galactic affairs.
I love that too, and particularly liked the way they followed up in the next episode Shran appeared in. He's one of the most interesting recurring characters in the show in my opinion.
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