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Re: Cleopatra's Needle - Design Proposals

Yes, we're definitely getting there now. The tweaks to the nose and tail are just what I was thinking of.

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Size isn't a huge issue yet. By rescaling the airlock doors, the vessel shrinks and it's now 73 meters long, 14 meters wide, and 9.5 meters high. Including nacelles. The fuselage itself is about 64 meters long and 11 meters across at the widest point. Assuming 3 meters per deck (and that's 2-2.5 meters of open space plus structure), there's one deck almost the full length of the fuselage and one ten meter long deck above that that may shorten to a crawl space under the ship's spine. Towards the back, with the narrowed hull, engineering has at most about five to six meters before it pokes out the sides. Given structural requirements like framing and the like, this thing is starting to get cramped. If necessary, we can widen it easily, but that will come at the cost of an even less obelisk-like appearance.
Hmm... I like the shape as it is, and given the more linear design, I think we could justify it being somewhat longer than Serenity, so long as its volume is similar to that ship's interior spaces minus most of the cargo bay. So maybe you could up the size a bit more. 85 meters?

On the other hand, I think a full deck/half deck arrangement could work, though it would require DEWLine to do some rethinking if he wants to combine projects with yours.

Hmm... what if you made the top slope a little more gradual in back? That is, the contour from the highest point of the ship to the rear is a little bit concave; you could make it slightly convex, or at least have the downward curve start a little further back. You could add a few meters to the upper half-deck that way.

As for "engineering," I don't know if we need a whole engine room; I'm fine with an alcove at the rear of the corridor with some basic control consoles. We don't need a visible warp reactor in the middle of the room. It could be behind the wall or under the floor. In fact, the main engine controls are probably on the bridge/cockpit; the engineering area would just be a place to monitor the engines and occasionally get in for some fine-tuning and direct maintenance. It would normally be a one-person station, if that.
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