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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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I bet you're happy this was probably a straight extrusion, huh?
I have to say I don't like the saucer layout on this one. TOO many corridors!
They could have put some of these rooms back to back or with only maintainance shafts through.
btw, the color really helps.
Yeah, I thought about that too. I also thought about my experiences with Dorm Life (college), and Barracks Life (Army). I think the more private corridors help with shift scheduling (e.g. you have Corridor X on shift Y etc.) so that everyone on a given work/rec/sleep schedule can be grouped together on the same hall. Also, it allows for better segregation by rank (Officer Country etc.). Basically, I left this deck as it was arranged by Strategic Designs. There were some alterations, but I think the spirit of the design was kept.
Around the outer ring (saucer edge) are lounges, in the core is the Mess. I figure that there are also some meeting/conference/multi-purpose rooms in between lounges. Also (except for a zig-zag around Engineering and the Rec Dec) there is a continuous loop around the outside for crew to jog/run/walk for PT (beyond a Gym all the way down in Engineering, and whatever else they might use the various multi-purpose rooms for). I have left a large area on the upper level of the Rec Dec open. I can envision a 10-forward or Quark's style bar/casino/whatever going in there, or simply more lounge furniture. I have not yet finished the lower part of the Rec Deck, which is higher than the remainder of G-deck because of the saucer under-cut.
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