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Re: Cast any actor from any era for your dream Batman cast.

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You know, Borgified Corpse, I always thought a Tim Burton/Michael Keaton/Danny Elfman Dark Knight Returns movie could be stellar. Let Burton make it a psuedo sequel to Batman Returns and...
As always, Jackson Archer, I'm glad when you & I are on the same wavelength. Here's hoping Warner Bros. is sophisticated enough to allow 2 very different flavors of Batman to coexist.

One thing I've noticed in the "Funniest Superhero Lines" thread is that there's a lot of quotable stuff from the Tim Burton movies but not so much from the Chris Nolan movies.
Thirded. Although Burton's vision of "prime" Batman isn't nearly the same as what, ideally, I think he should be, I respect his vision and I think it would be absolutely PERFECT for "Dark Knight Returns." And since everyone is keen to make everything dark, there it is.
Look at it this way. Dark Knight Returns & Tim Burton's 1st Batman movie are the only 2 times I can recall Batman using guns.

I'm not always satisfied with everything about Burton's Batman movies but I think his version of Gotham City has been the best. And while his versions of the Penguin & Catwoman were great deviations from the source material, he really made them his own; same with Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne.

I guess I'm the only one who had any tolerance for Val Kilmer?
I like him better as time goes on but he's still my least favorite. I found him a little bland and I didn't think his look was right at all. Actually, George Clooney comes closest to my vision of how Batman should look, even more than Christian Bale. Michael Keaton was totally counterintuitive but worked for a Tim Burton Batman. Under any other director, I suspect Keaton would have been totally wrong.
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