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Re: Cooking Abomination!! XD

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No, it wasn't like that. I was just mixing the stuff up (eggs being one of these ingredients), following the recipe exactly as instructed, and boom, I saw little bits of scrambled egg in it. I had always assumed that to make scrambled eggs, you had to, well, scramble them! I wasn't doing that.
Oh okay, it was while you were mixing? I don't know how American pudding is made - is it cooked or just mixed up and then eaten?

In which case I think the eggs curdled. It can happen when the eggs are cold. You would get what appeared to be lumps of eggs.
Curdled? Do you mean spoiled? They were definitely fresh eggs.

American pudding is cooked, BTW. At least when you make it from scratch, like I was trying to do.
No, curdled doesn't mean spoiled - it can happen to fresh eggs.

Having just looked up the definition, curdled basically means "coagulate" - to turn solid. It's the same thing that happens to milk when you make cheese.

I don't know exactly what causes eggs to curdle - it's something to do with the eggs reacting to the other liquids in the mixture. My mum taught me to always add a spoon full of flour when I add the egg to a cake mixture to stop the curdling.

Having the eggs curdle doesn't make the cake taste bad, it just affects the raising of the sponge.
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