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Re: Cleopatra's Needle - Design Proposals

Sorry about the delay guys, I had to cook the Sunday dinner and this is my last effort for today. As requested, Christopher, this is a mashup between versions one and two. I've brought back a teardrop and adopted nacelle and aft designs similar to the first, while keeping elements from the front of version two. I don't know what that tail thing is under the impulse engine (it was in version one, also), but it makes the aft end a bit more interesting. It could be just a volume representing space that will become a standard fantail. Or maybe it's a shuttlebay. Better yet, perhaps it's an extra compartment tacked onto the 'Needle prior to launch to house special equipment. I'm not worried about color right now other than to just highlight the usual gadgets, although I like the idea of a ship painted white(ish) with gold accents. Probably some tan, too.

In any case, I've further toned down the obelisk elements, and made the hull a little less smooth. This current version reminds me most of a Learjet right now. DEWLine, I keep thinking about your desire to use the nacelles as landing gear. I haven't done that yet because I think of warp engines as delicate mechanisms that shouldn't be bumping into the ground or sitting in mud. But if you and I collaborate on a design, I suppose I'll have to discard my prejudices. And, I know you invited other designs into your thread, but are you certain you want me to continue posting here? I don't want to step on your toes.

As far as speed, I have a 2500 millicochrane warp coil built into my desk so I can work faster than the world around me. The utility bills are a nightmare, but sometimes it's worth it. Either that, or these are relatively crude models that are easy to put out quickly. Personally, I prefer the first explanation.
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