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Treking through all Star Trek

One of my big nerd fantasies was to watch all of Star Trek in chronological order. For years, this was nothing more than a fevered dream. But now Iím in a position to do it.

(yes, I know there's someone else doing the same in this forum, but um . . . I'm different)

I've been a Trekkie for a long time, though never really one to go to cons or even post in a forum. But now? Not only am I watching all of Star Trek in chronological order, but I'll be posting reviews here.

DVD prices are dropping, Iím making more, and I have this kinda last chance to do something stupid/nerdy/fun before the wife and I start making babies. Now Iím not saying that I may have to pause in my viewings, as money may prevent from doing this as much as I would like to. But Iím at least set for Enterprise Season One. As soon as I finish picking up Seasons Two-Four, I should be golden until TNG Season One, which where the next gap in my collection comes.

Reviews wonít be exceptionally elaborate, though I may take the time to talk about how this particular episodes fits into the macro-view of the Star Trek universe. I may (at the beginning or ending of a series) take the time to talk a little bit more about the series itself and my feelings about it.

Weíre starting with ďBroken BowĒ and going until ďStar TrekĒ XI. So letís kick it off . . .

Series: Enterprise
Episode: ďBroken BowĒ
Trek Installment # 1
Grade: B+
Viewing Date: September 14, 2009

Brown Bow is probably one of the strongest pilots of the Trek pilots. Lots of action and adventure. Some great pure Trek moments, like seeing and visiting new planets for the first time. Itís kinda fun to watch Trip, Hoshi, and Archer bumble around Rigel X with only TíPol to set them right.

In a lot of ways, it gives us a nice ground up look from Star Trek. These characters are far more down to Earth in that they can sometimes just come off as ignorant. The human characters in particular are interesting because they each seem to bring something to the table. Hoshiís scared shitless, Reedís sleeps with a phaser underneath his pillow, Mayweather is green but eager, and Archer is so incredibly determined.

During the scene with where the Vulcans and Starfleet suits are debating over the fate of Klaang, itís very interesting to see just how wrong Archer is. The Klingons would see Klaangís fate as an honor. The Vulcans are the more reasonable choice to handle the matter. But Archerís frustration and stubborn-ness in demanding he do it his way flies in the face of what we know about Klingon lore. Itís very interesting to watch immature humans go up against aliens of a more ďmatureĒ frame of mind.

The decon scene is way over-sexed, though itís interesting to watch given Trip and TíPolís future relationship.

I liked Future Guyís appearance here. I really wish they had stuck with this subplot. With the recent conversations revealing that it may have been a Romulan transmitting from the future, I think this could really have been something. The Suliban themselves are presented as a very fascinating threat, though I wouldnít exactly call them that. At times, their actions didnít make a ton of sense. There was a lot of potential with the Temporal Cold War that really didnít pay off in the end. I think Iíll get to that later.

The ending falls apart a little bit. The helix just kinda collapsing because Archerís got some an awesome machine is way too simple. Why didnít any of the ships chase Enterprise or try and go after it while they were in upper levels of the gas giant? What did the Klingons message say?

Speaking of Klingon, the First City looked great. Very gothic. The Klingons themselves actually reminded a lot of the TOS Klingons, though I canít rightly explain how. Just something about them.

I digress . . .

I did my best with this episode to take it as though this was the very beginning of the Star Trek saga and under those circumstances, the opening credits seem very appropriate. The work being done on the Enterprise and its eventual launch instills a certain epic feel to the episode that I feel lacks in some many pilots (though I could always change my mind later). Thereís something very rousing, though, about the launch of the Enterprise. Admiral Forrestís speech, Cochraneís speech, Archerís flashback, and the launch itself just bring about a very awesome sequence.

The Good:

- The scenes where TíPol and the rest of the crew start to get along and she actually drops her bitchy Vulcan princess attitude
- The characters are all nice and fresh and new
- Everyone getting their ďspace legs,Ē as it were
- The Temporal Cold War being so tantalizing and intriguing, yet also mysterious

The Bad:
- Jolene Blalockís TíPol really needs work. Her exchange with Hoshi when Sato is freaking out a little on the bridge is way un-Vulcan
- Just some of the plot-holey stuff I mentioned above
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