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Re: Cooking Abomination!! XD

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I like to eat cookie dough.
Oh, hell yes. Typically, I used to eat it until I had a bad stomach.
I buy it off the shelf and eat it right out of the packaging.

tsq: Hamburger Helper is not an abomination. *Not* having Hamburger Helper is an abomination.

Great way to make dinner in a hurry when you get off work an hour late, are exhausted, and have someplace to be that night.

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Oh okay, it was while you were mixing? I don't know how American pudding is made - is it cooked or just mixed up and then eaten?

In which case I think the eggs curdled. It can happen when the eggs are cold. You would get what appeared to be lumps of eggs.
Some puddings are cooked and some not over here. I'm operating under the assumption that his eggs curdled or were old.
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