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Re: Cast any actor from any era as your dream Superman cast

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I don't know who for Supes or Lois, but if could pick, I would have either Hugh Laurie or Beau Bridges as Perry White.
Bridges is a good choice. Reminiscent of Lane Smith, but less quirky.
Yeah, and I really liked Lane Smith's Perry White. He really made that role his own.

Also, and this might be a bit of odd (or perhaps fanboy) casting, but someone suggested this here a few weeks ago and I can't shake how much I would like to see this (mostly to see if it works): Faran Tahir as Lex Luthor.
That's interesting.
I admit, I haven't seen him in much, but the few things I have seen him in, he has a presence about him (even in small roles). I also think that he can pull off being equal parts threatening and charming (which is something, I think, is important for Luthor to have). John Shea had it and, overall, Spacey was able to pull it off.

And even though Tahir isn't white as Luthor has been portrayed, I think mixing it up would be a fresh change.
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