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Re: Obama Space Plan: Return to Moon: "No Go"

Recently the powers that be in Washington decided that it would be too expensive to go back to the moon. Additional funding for the space program was not approved. They'd rather give that money to bank presidents, oil company execs, and car companies ... just to name a few.
They would probably argue that these moves help sitmulate our aeconomy, but what about the creation of jobs and new technologies in our efforts to expand beyond the confines of this planet. Earth won't last forever, and typical of our powers that be, they will remain too complacent until it may be too late to do something about our civilization and culture.
As Trekkers, we are for the most part dreamers. Trek is our escape mechanism, our coping device outside of our normal everyday lives. Some of us are lucky enough that Trek is our everyday life. But we need to be more than that. We need to be advocates for our space program. I want to see man on another planet before I die, and at the rate they're moving, my grandchildren will be lucky to see us on another planet. I have several grandchildren, most of them want to be sports stars or rock stars when they grow up. As a society we have successfully quashed the childhood dream of becoming an astronaut. One of my youngest grandchildren is a Stars Wars buff. He is only 5 and there is the potential for that old childhood dream to be reborn thru kids like him.
Write your legislators, talk to your friends and family about it. Help replant the seed and we can get the idea to grow. It will be through people like us that our space program can be reborn, but we need to let Washington know that this is what we want.
Post your efforts and ideas here so that I know that I don't stand alone.
I talk about issues like this in my forum... pay a visit and read additional posts.
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