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Re: Cleopatra's Needle - Design Proposals

Okay, that's kinda nice, but I think you overshot. I'd like to see something that's about halfway between these two. I do like the dorsal "teardrop" and the aft section from your first version, and its proportions are better, but this one has nicer contours in the front half and a better deflector. The first one's nacelles are better aside from placement; the version 2 nacelles look like stretched-out TNG shuttlepod nacelles, which is too Starfleety.

I don't want it to be literally shaped like an obelisk, since in the book the ship was named after it was built rather than actually being designed to fit the name. So it should just be long and slender enough that it might suggest an obelisk to a character who's an archaeologist.

And I know these are just shape studies, but the colors on this one are better. I was thinking maybe a white or grey color scheme with gold highlights, since Egyptian obelisks were made of light-colored stone and probably adorned in gold that's long since been stolen.

And how do you do these so fast??
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