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Re: Why is Firefly's Cancellation So Unforgiveable?

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No matter your feelings on the show, FOX screwed it up they didn't get it and tried to change it...Critics and fans agree FOX were idiots.
Yeah, but that's pretty much standard operating procedure.

I'm not a huge Family Guy fan, but that bit they did where Peter listed off every new show that came and went in Family Guy's absence was priceless.
And that list wasn't even complete. (Tru Calling was canceled before that Family Guy episode aired but presumably before it was finished.)

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The problem with Fox is that they don't learn their lesson. They had one of the biggest sci-fi shows ever in the X-Files, a show which had relatively minor ratings at first and no one expected to last long. It wasn't until the second and possibly third season that it became a ratings monster. Then, Fox continually put these new sci-fi shows on hoping to duplicate the success of the X-Files but refused to give them the same opportunity. Leaving aside the whole out-of-order, pre-emption and scheduling issues, many of these shows, like Firefly, didn't even get a full FIRST season, let alone a second. Following this logic, the X-Files would have been history almost immediately.
The one I still don't understand is Wonderfalls. I mean, the show clearly had a difficult to describe premise and was going to rely heavily on word of mouth. Yet they canceled it after 4 episodes, choosing to never air the other 9 episodes that were already in the can, and squelched any opportunity for word of mouth to build.

It's interesting how quickly the TV business has changed. It was experimental when FOX released short-lived canceled shows like Firefly & Wonderfalls on DVD. Now it's standard practice. I can't help but lament that 7 Days would be out on DVD right now if only it had aired 6 years later than it did.
In the case of shows that are quickly cancelled, its usually due to them performing terrible, and having considerable drops in the next 2 episodes. Doing so bad that reruns of cheap filler like Cops performs stronger.

The thing about it, is most shows fail. And even if you gave most shows a longer period to find an audience, most never will.

It becomes a guessing game,to what shows might, just might break out to be marginally or hugely successful.

Now days at least they have things like itunes that at least give a barometer on how many people will drop cold hard cash for programming. And unlike DVD sales its immediate. DVD sales never start in the US until after the 1st season is complete, by which time studios have already had to make next years schedule. Then you have no idea of what will be popular overseas,and that usually takes over a year to get the first data back from.
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