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Re: Cast any actor from any era as your dream Superman cast

My favorite Superman surprisingly is Brandon Routh. Out of the character who portrayed him I honestly felt he had pre crisis Clark down (I liked Cain on a more post Crisis take), and I loved that Routh actually looked like he was doing those stunts. Of course how much of that is the increase in Special effects, who knows. WHen he lifted something, it looked like his body was straining to do so. When he was flying it looked really natural,ect. But as so much of Superman is his body and how it interacts with what he is doing, it really helps sell the character.

For Lois, I really haven't loved any Lois (in the last 40 years). Kate was good, but she was far, far too young. Routh gets a pass because his role is an alien, Kate isn't.

As for the Daily Planet, I loved the cast of SR,I thought they were spot on.

Luthor, sorry but I hate the movie versions of the character (because he reminds me of 50's Luthor which is a laughable form of the character. Rosenbaum is the only modern version that has any merit, though for a true Superman role his character is probably too young.
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