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Re: Cast any actor from any era for your dream Batman cast.

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You know, Borgified Corpse, I always thought a Tim Burton/Michael Keaton/Danny Elfman Dark Knight Returns movie could be stellar. Let Burton make it a psuedo sequel to Batman Returns and...
As always, Jackson Archer, I'm glad when you & I are on the same wavelength. Here's hoping Warner Bros. is sophisticated enough to allow 2 very different flavors of Batman to coexist.

One thing I've noticed in the "Funniest Superhero Lines" thread is that there's a lot of quotable stuff from the Tim Burton movies but not so much from the Chris Nolan movies.
Thirded. Although Burton's vision of "prime" Batman isn't nearly the same as what, ideally, I think he should be, I respect his vision and I think it would be absolutely PERFECT for "Dark Knight Returns." And since everyone is keen to make everything dark, there it is.

I guess I'm the only one who had any tolerance for Val Kilmer?

I can't really add much to the great suggestions already. My definitive version of Batman is the TAS version, and I suppose the most iconic live action version in my mind is Christian Bale, although that might have been different had Alec Baldwin played him in Burton's films, or had Clooney played him in a non-Schumacher film.

Two casting suggestions I haven't seen yet are Hugh Laurie (circa now) as the Joker and Vince Vaughn (in serious "Psycho" mode, but his age now) as a TAS-style Clayface.
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