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Re: Cast any actor from any era as your dream Superman cast

I liked the SR cast very much, especially Routh and Bosworth. However, I think the problem was that they were a bit too young for situations the characters were in. Had it been a movie where Supes was starting out for the first time, the actors and their ages would have been perfect and would have been written differently to reflect that (at least in Lois's case).

Anyway, for me: Christopher Reeve is Superman; Dean Cain is Clark Kent; and Teri Hatcher is Lois Lane. I also realize the oddity of the first two.

So...getting on topic...

I don't know who for Supes or Lois, but if could pick, I would have either Hugh Laurie or Beau Bridges as Perry White.

Also, and this might be a bit of odd (or perhaps fanboy) casting, but someone suggested this here a few weeks ago and I can't shake how much I would like to see this (mostly to see if it works): Faran Tahir as Lex Luthor.
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