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Re: Cast any actor from any era as your dream Superman cast

Henry Cavill has always been my ideal choice for Clark Kent/Superman. He was McG and Brett Ratner's top choice back when they were directing the JJ Abrams iteration of the long gestating Superman reboot. I would still like to see Brandon Routh get another chance with the role. I'd hate to see him become the George Lazenby of the actors who have played the Man of Steel.

Jon Hamm would be perfect for an adaptation of It's Superman as directed by the Coen Brothers.

I never liked Margot Kidder in the role of Lois Lane. I thought she was a little too unattractive and annoying. I understand Lois Lane kind of needs to be annoying but I just didn't like Kidder's portrayal. I've come to appreciate Kate Bosworth's more mature take on Lois, but I still expect Lois to be a bit of a spitfire. Erica Durance is pretty much how I envision Lois Lane. Keri Russell could be interesting.

Daniel Day-Lewis or Ralph Fiennes as Lex Luthor. Also, either of them would be very good playing Jor-El as well in my opinion. Liam Neeson would also make a great Jor-El had he not mentored Bruce Wayne and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Dustin Hoffman or Hugh Laurie as Perry White.

An older Logan Lerrman as Jimmy Olsen. Gregory Smith would also do well.

Dennis Quaid as Pa Kent. Annette Bening as Ma Kent.

Patrick Stewart as Brainiac. Jason Statham or Sam Worthington as Metallo. Jude Law as General Zod.
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