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Re: Underrated Queen songs

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I just got that album. I thought most of it was unremarkable but I really enjoyed "Warboys" & "The Cosmos Rocks."
I don't think it is a bad album, but it's just not what I wanted to hear from Queen save a couple of tracks. I'm a fan of Queen and Paul Rodgers as separate entities, and in fact have been to see Paul Rodgers back when he was a little podgy guy in the 90s

The whole Blues Rock thing just doesn't suit them though, their music has always had much more depth than is demonstrated on The Cosmos Rocks. But it's a solid rock album in it's own right IMO.

That's over now though, they have parted ways and don't plan on making another album. I'd like to see Brian and Roger continue to make music together though. If they could just get John Deacon to do a song or two with them, that would make my decade.

Warboys has absolutely god awful lyrics, have you read them?

You're probably right that it gets overlooked because it's overshadowed by "Bohemian Rhapsody." Plus, it's nearly impossible to put it on the radio. "Bo Rhap" is so long that it's pushing it as it is and "The Prophet's Song" is 3 minutes longer than that.
True, radio stations don't tend to play album tracks over here anyway.

I was interested that you called The Miracle an underrated album though, it was a massive hit here, not as big as A Kind of Magic, which (USA aside) was an absolutely monsterous hit and put them pretty much at the top of the rock world globally in '86, but it's a well thought of popular album here that spawned many hit singles.
So it goes.
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