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Don't push what I said out of context.
I never said that changes don't occur in the tech industry ... problem is that the changes happen over a LARGE span of time, and some technologies never come down in prices before they are replaced by new technologies that are equally expensive.

Point being ... numerous techs (such as top of the line c2d cpu's for laptops) are out of reach for the mid range consumers (who do heavy computational work for example and need mobility) simply due to the costs and end up with lower grade systems that they can afford.
I paid my own laptop 600 for example (Acer 5930G). It has a c2d Centrino2, 4Gb RAM, 9600m GT GDDR3 dedicated gpu and a 250GB HDD.
Numerous other laptops of same configuration TODAY cost at least 300 - 400 more for example (that's just a rough estimate), and the laptop I have now is no longer available for purchase in UK for some reason.
In short, I was lucky to have gotten this thing when I did.

The consumer may decide where resources get used, but the general population is often behaving in an ignorant capacity to begin with and the companies are milking old technologies for all they are worth.

Intel delayed release of it's new i7 chips for laptops due to this so they can stick with the Montevina range longer and get more money out of it.
AMD for example has not released anything of relevance when mobile cpu's are involved and is sorely lacking ... which is also giving Intel the advantage in the market and why prices for such laptops are high.

You also have to be extremely detailed if you want to find a laptop that say combines an Intel cpu which is powerful/affordable with an ATI dedicated gpu (which are by comparison cheaper than Nvidia's).
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