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I never said the choices were the right ones for everyone. People work for money and spend it on what they feel is important. Not sure how that repudates that we have limited resources.

Hon ... why are resources never a problem when individuals flash money for their own purposes (regardless of how stupid and wasteful they might be)?
Circular argument. Certain resources are rare, hence having to flash the money. If they weren't, then why aren't they free?

Look at what is happening in the computer world today.
Outdated techs are being milked for money by companies.
New techs that were supposed to have been much cheaper for the consumer ALWAYS end up as premium priced and some of the best of those NEVER go down in price.
Yes, clearly the tech industry never introduces new tech and prices never drop. Ever compare prices of laptops from 10 years ago with today? The spec's of same laptops? How bout those Ipods? they certainly haven't change in 10 years. Good thing LCD screens never got released wouldn't want to replace all those CRT's out there ....oh wait! Or my desktop PC, glad the best I can buy is a 486 with a 100meg hard drive for $3000 dollars.

It always pains me when people try to claim that there is no such thing as limited resources. Clearly they have not researched at all.

In a capitalist economy the consumer decides where resources get used. Don't like it? Get them to change their mind.
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