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Money is just a paper representation of how hard you are willing to work for something. It represents the fact that we have limited resources and have to choose how to use those resources.
Oh yes...
I'm sure that developing cars that can go 300 km per hour so people can kill each other faster, consume gallons of oil in the process and look like more advanced Ferrari's is a 'clever way' of spending our resources.

Give me a break.
The government (military to be a prime example) and companies have a tendency to spend an insane amount of money on broad range of stupidities constantly that could have been invested 100x over into something far more constructive.

Let's say something like upgrading the US power grid for example?

EVERY single time we are supposed to incorporate advanced tech into our lives, there's never enough money.
Resources are a problem.

Hon ... why are resources never a problem when individuals flash money for their own purposes (regardless of how stupid and wasteful they might be)?

Regulation of resources my rear end.
Money is a simple excuse for people who are greedy and needy for power to remain in such positions.

Look at what is happening in the computer world today.
Outdated techs are being milked for money by companies.
New techs that were supposed to have been much cheaper for the consumer ALWAYS end up as premium priced and some of the best of those NEVER go down in price.

Whenever someone mentions the stupidity we have 'limited resources' for something important (but seemingly produce a lot of garbage for which we apparently DO have resources and is in fact more harmful in the long run) I have to laugh at the statement.
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