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Re: TOS stories Where should I start?

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I just ordered this yesterday and am looking forward to it. Actual Trek stories and without budgetary problems showing alien races or locations just like TAS stories were envisioned before the actual 70's animation company Filmmation actually poorly animated the visuals.
Filmation's animation was limited, but I wouldn't call it poor. Their artwork was better than anyone else's in television at the time, even if it didn't move much. If you want good-looking alien locations, you could hardly do better than Filmation's top-notch background artists. Sure, they were pretty static, but then, so are the comics you're looking forward to.

Were there any TOS or TAS writers who wrote Trek comic book stories? Which issues should I check for them and what are the writer's names so I can check them out on
Walter Koenig (who wrote TAS: "The Infinite Vulcan") also wrote issue 19 of DC's first series. Howard Weinstein (TAS: "The Pirates of Orion") was the regular writer on DC's second TOS series for the majority of its run, and has written various other ST comics for DC, Marvel, and Wildstorm. D.C. Fontana wrote IDW's Star Trek Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment miniseries (which features TAS's Lt. Arex). David Gerrold has written stories for TokyoPop's third TOS and first TNG manga digests. Larry Niven (TAS: "The Slaver Weapon") wrote the syndicated ST comic strip storyline "The Wristwatch Plantation," which is not available on DVD, though it can be found online.
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