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Cloak & Dagger Anyone?

Are you tired of the same old "shoot 'em up" simm? If so, I need you! The IKS D'bloq is a B'rel class ship assigned to Task Force 9, Bravo Fleet.

Our mission? Black Ops, Intelligence Gathering, and general Cloak & Dagger mischief in the Gamma Quadrant. The D'bloq is an older scout ship perfectly suited for our mission and there will be plenty to do for every member of the crew. I am looking forward to bringing her back online and to set out on our shakedown cruise.

I am looking for players who are interested in creating a great storyline, character development and adding to Bravo Fleet canon. Check out the website and drop me a line.


MacLean out.'bloq

Also check out the Task Force 9 site at:
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