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Re: Underrated Queen songs

Good calls on "Headlong," "Let Me Entertain You," "Mad the Swine," "Scandal," "The Show Must Go On," & "Too Much Love Will Kill You."

Although, honestly my favorite version of "The Show Must Go On" is the one they did with Elton John in 1997 after Freddie's death. You can find it on their "Greatest Hits III" album.

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And from Queen + Paul Rodgers, C-lebrity, Say It's Not True, and Warboys.
Paul Rodgers, no Freddy, but a great, great singer.
I just got that album. I thought most of it was unremarkable but I really enjoyed "Warboys" & "The Cosmos Rocks."

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The Prophet's Song is oft overlooked, perhaps overshadowed by being on the same album as Bo Rhap, but it contains an absolutely brilliant vocal solo by Freddie Mercury, one of the best bits of harmonised melody Queen has ever come up with.
You're probably right that it gets overlooked because it's overshadowed by "Bohemian Rhapsody." Plus, it's nearly impossible to put it on the radio. "Bo Rhap" is so long that it's pushing it as it is and "The Prophet's Song" is 3 minutes longer than that.

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Of those songs, the one that gets no airplay on classic rock radio here that I personally love is "Don't Stop Me Now". I'd never heard it until "Shaun of the Dead" and kind of love it.
I love that scene. "Kill the Queen!"

Every movie is better with Queen music. That's probably why Highlander has lasted as long as it has.
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