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Re: Your favourite TrekLit ships?

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^Okay. That works for me.

So...what's your guess as to what that building was?
No clue. It's a big city and that scene had plenty of tall buildings; big cities tend to be full of such things. Perhaps it's the Federation Central Bank? A residential complex? Central office for the Federation News Service or United Press Interstellar or Bolarus and You? Home office for Amnesty Interstellar or Sentients Rights Watch? Corporate headquarters for the United Dilithium Company? Or for General Duotronics? The Earth office of Janus Mining? A Federation government office? A United Earth government office? Office space belonging to Undeieela's Secret? Deneva-Universal Enterprises Ltd.? Federation Duranium? The East Coridan Trading Company? Federation Express? The Federation Displaced Persons Agency? The Earth Cargo Service? The Shratha Transportation Company?
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