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Re: Why is Firefly's Cancellation So Unforgiveable?

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Depends on how you define hack. I would firmly slot Whedon into the hack category. With the bulk of his success being on his name and the fact that he sells what tweens and teens want. Most of his work, stretching a prior metaphor further, is the television equivelant of a Big Mac with the realtive entertainment value of said's nutritional value.
This isn't solely directed at TheGallifreyanSith as it seems to have come up in lots of places lately. I am so sick of being told that I'm a tween, annoying, a cult member, tasteless, etc. for liking Whedon's shows. So you don't like his work. Congratulations on that. Can't you express this sentiment without taking jabs at those who do?

I came to Firefly late in the game but its cancellation still affects how I watch TV. I'm definitely aware that most shows aren't given much of a chance by networks, so I'm unwilling to get invested in them. All of the shows I currently watch I caught on DVD or Hulu after they'd been well established (House, Lost, The Office).
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