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Re: Why is Firefly's Cancellation So Unforgiveable?

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Exactly why we need antitrust proceedings to break up all of these media monopolies, and soon, as I've said before.
Which would solve nothing. All it would do is create more competition, and in doing so drive the smaller studios to take fewer risks and go for what they know is going to sell.
Or in some cases, counter-program, do something different to stand out from the pack.

We have to remember sci-fi fans are not the majority of average TV viewers, and hardcore "Save our show" types a even smaller minority of that.
Which is why not everyone should shoot for the exact same audience.

There are underserved demographics who aren't looking for the same pablum, the kind that watch Dancing With The Stars (whom Tom Delay is now listed as a coming contestant, yeesh).
If it pays the bills.

What you're talking about will never pay the bills of the big studios or networks. The reason shows like American Idol and Dancing with the Stars survive is because that's what pays the bills, that's what they can sell to mom, dad, sis, and little bro over and over again in first run, reruns, DVDs, school supplies, etc, etc.

The only outlet for niche audiences in the 'net. And I don't mean fanfilms, I mean people taking chances and making original dramatic fiction shows and movies purely for release on the internet. It's been toyed with off and on for years and there's been a few productions. But it's never took off cause no one's ever put their backbone in trying to make it work; there's not been money in it-- not at the levels the studios want-- so it's never taken seriously.
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