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Re: Why is Firefly's Cancellation So Unforgiveable?

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If you are going to bother to pay someone for their storytelling skills (which is not what the beancounters are paid for), you stand back and let them DO THEIR JOB.

If the beancounters could do it themselves, they would. But clearly, they can't.

You don't have the writers down there in accounting checking the balance sheets?


Otherwise, the man signing the checks is the man you worry about making happy. And that's all television and movies is about 99% of the time: Most cash for least expense.
And if you need any explanation for the state of "entertainment", you need go no further.
Exactly why we need antitrust proceedings to break up all of these media monopolies, and soon, as I've said before.
Which would solve nothing. All it would do is create more competition, and in doing so drive the smaller studios to take fewer risks and go for what they know is going to sell.

We have to remember sci-fi fans are not the majority of average TV viewers, and hardcore "Save our show" types a even smaller minority of that.
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