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Re: Ad Astra Challenge Entry: Those Who Remain

As usual, NG, your writing astounds me. You really are good at this. These characters are so convincing to me, so human yet with a definitely alien, distinctly Cardassian feel as well. Your interpretation of the Cardassians is always fascinating, and you really capture what strikes me deepest about this culture, how great a people they are underneath that terrible police-state cultural mentality. The nobility, the idea that one can be extremely proud to be Cardassian, is always there, yet tragically buried under what they've become...but in characters like Rebek it's finding a way to come out.

I'm surprised just how quickly the character of Rebek has, well, "found a place in my heart" shall we say? It really speaks of your talent that I find her every bit as fascinating and interesting as the best characters in the official novels.
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