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Re: True Blood 2x12 - "Beyond Here Lies Nothin" (Spoilers)

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Decent season finale, not as bad as some say.

Did no one realize Bon Temps was cut off from the rest of the universe? Like say for example the guy who delivers the beer to Merlotte's? Wouldn't he know something was up?
Like the small town in Children of the Corn, or Sunnydale in the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the town is just evacuated and that's it?).

I wanted them to call up the FBI's bureau of supernatural affairs, and SPECIAL GUEST STAR...I dunno...Hellboy?

Still no explination as to why Andy was immune to Maryanne for so long.

Tara's mom and Hoyt, plus the kids, were the only recurring townspeople unaffected.
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