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Re: Why is Firefly's Cancellation So Unforgiveable?

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Fannish sense of entitlement, never a good thing, true. But then, neither is a "fuck the fans" attitude.
I don't know, I think sometimes you have to say "fuck the fans" and do what is right; be it for business or just in service to the story.
Sometimes you do. But let's face it, many of the decisions the suits make for "business" aren't in "service to the story".

Let's not make this a defense of the suits, who don't know DICK about story, yet way too often make like they do.

More often, the suits need to stand the fuck back and let the storytellers tell the story.

Same with the fans.
That's only goes as far as the money. If you're playing with someone else's money, you dance to their tune. Now if you have the scratch to fund and market the thing 100% yourself, then you get the luxury of art (story) for the sake of art (story). Otherwise, the man signing the checks is the man you worry about making happy. And that's all television and movies is about 99% of the time: Most cash for least expense.
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