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Re: Ad Astra Challenge Entry: Those Who Remain

Rebek and Berat, of course, are members of Macet's cabal planning to rebel against the Dominion (along with Speros, but we all know what a little pill Speros can be!).

There are awful people among the Cardassians, make no mistake. Dukat above all, and all of his little minions who are just as cruel as he are.

But there are others who just got caught up in this because their society doesn't give them an out. Macet, for one, is a noble soldier with a sense of honor that tells him that what the Union has been doing is wrong. Berat's about as close to a nonconformist by nature as you can get with a Cardassian. And Rebek--she's a religious dissident.

And my personal reaction, when I first heard about Septimus, was to be utterly disgusted with the Klingons. I have to be honest...TNG Klingons, aside from Worf, I do not respect at all. And I do not understand why the Federation is allied with them except for expediency and out of fear of what they might do if the Khitomer Accords weren't in effect. It surely isn't principle.

Thank you very much for reading. This wasn't an easy story to tell, but Rebek really felt it needed to be told.
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