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Re: Your favourite TrekLit ships?

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Which is a rambling way of asking 'when are we going to see what Paris one/Federation one/Starfleet one looks like?
Well, the vessel called Starfleet One appeared in The Chimes at Midnight in Myriad Universes Volume II. It was just a shuttle, and the scene was set in the mid-2280s, so presumably Starfleet One resembled one of the shuttles from Star Trek IV or Star Trek V. However, that novel was set in an alternate timeline.

Federation One appears in a fan series and has never been referred to in the novels.

Paris One has only ever been referred to in one novel, A Singular Destiny. I'd be interested in seeing what it looks like, too. Personally, however, I like to imagine it as being a Federation government-registered but Starfleet-crewed Galaxy-class starship, because I've always seen the Galaxy class as being the most "stately" of the Federation's ships. I see it as being the starship equivalent of the 747. I like to imagine Paris One as having the words PARIS ONE written across the hull, with the Federation emblem painted in bright, vivid blue directly below it where we're used to seeing the registry number.

But before we see Paris One, I'd really rather see the Palais de la Concorde.
It looks like a big cylinder! Over a river! How much more information do you need? I think the Chateau should be first if we're doing architecture. How about Star Treks first episode of Cribs?

Personally I see Paris/Federation/Whatever One looking more like a big sleek SR-71-like spacecraft with blue and white paint job. Less starfleet influence - like I said my post there was far too much starfleet in star trek. It nice to see the cilivans get alook in from time to time.

As for the call sign issue, if Queen Elizabeth gets her own ship of state (before Blair decided it cost too much), then why shouldn't Bacco? Perks of the job and all that!
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There's an LCARS-style spinning 3D Aventine (albiet untextured) on YouTube: I think it looks alright, but that said I like the new supersized Enterprise-on-steriods from the new film.
Well my three problems areas with the Aventine were the deflector dish, warp nacelles and the strange notch at the end of the bridge 'hump'. The 3-D images (very well done) make the deflector dish and the nacelles work much better in unison with the ship to my eye. Still unsure about the 'notch' which I assume is either the shuttlebay or impulse engine. Personally she looks to me more like Voyager on steriods that the Enterprise, which is probably a good thing. I'm still reserving some jugement on her though, she has more quirks than the average Trek ship and its going to take a while to get used to them. I hope these are more constructive comments on the ship, I have a right to dislike the ship (or any art), but not to be tactless or rude in the way I express it. So sorry for my earlier wording and well done, Clawhammer on getting the commision!
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