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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

137th Gebirg wrote: View Post
It's a pretty common programming concept, particularly in the object-oriented world, but I was curious if AutoCAD had a similar feature to help cut down the size of runaway files like this one.
Yes it does, it is called Xref.

CTM wrote: View Post
It does (kinda), and I use that extensively, ..... The other problem is, when I insert a block (AutoCAD object), it instantiates the whole block - not just an object reference, so it makes almost no difference in size/performance (AutoCAD 2000 might do better at it, I have not experimented with that in this version yet).
The reason why it does not make no difference in size and the reason why it instantiates the whole block, is simply the fact that blocks weren't invented for this reason of object reference. They were invented to change lots of objects at the same time. For example, if you inserted a thousand doors, you could change them all at one time, and have a door with a window or other color or whatever. If you need an object reference so that the drawing size not increases you will have to work with Xref objects, or what is even better make Xrefs containing a whole deck. That way you can build deck by deck, and insert them into a "master" with a bitcount of almost zero. Also nice if you want to change a deck, it will automaticly be updated in your "master".

BTW, AutoCad 2000 works the same.
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