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Re: Why is Firefly's Cancellation So Unforgiveable?

Let's face it. FOX premiered a semi-serialized television series entirely out of order, often pre-empting it, and gave it little post-premiere media push. It comes as no surprise that the series was quickly cancelled.

But, it's not the most inane series of decisions the network has made (cancelling the well-rated Alien Nation ranks highly there). This is the network that almost cancelled 24, a series that has become its bread and butter, during the show's first season.

And, to be fair, when the theatrical movie was made based on the series, it didn't even break even at the box office. FOX's reasoning was completely off the mark, but in the end, maybe they were right.

Of course, then we get into a whole argument about how Serenity wasn't properly promoted by Universal, but I saw the trailers for several weeks before the premiere, read the decent reviews, and wasn't moved to see it. Hyperactive fans on the internet didn't move me, either. I ended up catching both the series and the movie on DVD. I liked the series more.
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