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Re: Moments that really made you cringe or disliked

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I believe that the implication is that their depiction of warp drive is a bit different from traditional depictions. Ships at warp seem to have difficulty, if they're even able to, use long-range sensors to detect what's going on outside of subspace.
But why? I'm sure they had that capability even way back in ENT. Why would their technology degrade so much?

Why would they? It may be an unusual thing, but what makes you think people would automatically associate it with an anomaly detected decades earlier?
Well, it seems that the Kelvin-Narada incident was very important and left a strong mark on Starfleet (people often use it as an explanation for many of the technological differences in the movie). Details of the incident should still be quite well-known.

We don't know how the Red Matter works. What makes you think that it would cause a black hole and implode the planet without being introduced to the high temperatures and gravitational stresses found in a planetary core?
What about the black hole at the end of the movie?

This just makes no sense. Why would the fact that one person puts a pattern together and another person doesn't mean that the latter is an idiot?
Well, the thing is, the person that can't make the connection is the same one that quite literally wrote the book on the thing! If anyone should have seen a connection it is him.

There is nothing in the film to indicate that she did not pass this information on to her superior officer at the communications installation in San Francisco.
But then Starfleet should have immediatelly stepped up to Red Alert and informed it's captains in the field. Instead it was treated like: 'Hey, guess what I heard today!'.

When Uhura intercepted that transmission, neither she nor Starfleet realized that it had been the Narada that had done it. The perpetrator of the attack was unknown.
If anything, that the perpetrator was unknown should have made them even more alert. There is a unknown Borg cube equivalent superpowerfull ship out there, destroying fleets, roaming freely, maybe coming in the Federation's direction, and no one is worried?
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