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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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Awesome. Is it tedious adding all the little rooms in the saucer, or is there a shortcut to making them? And, how much detail are you planning on going into once you have the overall ship in place (i.e. beds, desks, bridge details, a few people)?

We will pay you in praise for your work...
At this point, I will be happy if I can just finish the rooms and doors (if you look closely, there are no doors on most of the rooms)

Nothing is fitting together like it should. This can become quite frustrating at times. The file is starting to expand in size rapidly. For months I was at about 98MB, it's now at 197MB (not that my new system can't handle it though). The whole project is becoming unwieldy even with a beast of a system to process it. I also have other projects that are backing up, that I need to get to (some even from paying customers), but I can't seem to stop myself on this project for long.

Fortunately, this is the single most complex deck, F-deck is largely quarters, as are most of the smaller decks above F. I can start to see light from the other end of the tunnel. The only major obstacles remaining are the Impulse Engines and the Rec Deck (also the fitting/mounting of the Warp Engines, but that will be about the last thing I do on this project).
That's largely why I've gone with "vertical-only walls" throughout my own stuff. I can simply sketch the wall outlines on the floor and extrude up to the ceiling. Well, technically I extrude to the "next surface encountered," which allows for inwards-sloping walls on the outer hull. Of course, occasionally, in regions with outwards-sloping walls I have to do an extrude from the ceiling downwards to the "next surface". But it's still a lot easier than doing the complex corridor shapes you're doing there, and captures "almost as much" information about the internal layout of the ship.

Of course, I really prefer vertical walls anyway. They're simply more practical, both ergonomically and mechanically. They're not as "visually interesting," I'll grant... but the ONLY place I've ever seen non-vertical-walled corridors where it made sense was in "The Andromeda Strain," where the circular-sectioned corridors had been manufactured by drilling through solid rock. All things being equal, vertical walls would still be preferable, but I'm sure "Wildfire" was expensive enough as it was... no need to "Square off the walls" and end up skimping on lab equipment!

You're right, though... the approach you're taking makes good sense. If it were ME doing it, I'd leave off the detail and go with plain rooms and vertical walls only except in locations where the details can be seen through windows.

You can go really nuts with this stuff, but it WILL eventually "kill your system." I had to put the 1701 on-hold, and that's not the first time I've had to do that. After this weekend, my new system will be able to run (I HOPE) so I can get back to work again. I'm starting to get motivated, but honestly, I'm starting to get more motivated towards restarting on the Vega than on the 1701... did you ever see the Vega class? It's the ship in my avatar. I won't post the images here, but if you're interested, check these two animated GIFs out.
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