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Re: Why is Firefly's Cancellation So Unforgiveable?

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And your point saying Firefly is like Doctor Who? No. It's not. I have been watching Who since the 70s and it is totally different. At least in my opinion.
No, Firefly isn't much like Doctor Who. Not directly. But Russel T Davies' style is clearly influenced by Joss Whedon's style. And that leads to similar conceits in their respective shows. Both are willing to put up with a bit of implausibility if it serves the characters, certainly.

The stylistic parallels between Buffy and Davies' Who are notable, but even more obvious is the correlation between Angel and Torchwood. Despite Torchwood feeling rather juvenile all too often, the basic setup is pretty darn similar to Angel in many ways.

Both are about a small team fighting (aliens/demons) led by a brooding immortal guy who stands on rooftops and wears big black coats. And that's just the most obvious similarity.

Perhaps Torchwood will have a law firm as their arch-enemy next season....

(eta: to the snarks about posting about star trek: Those forums still exist? I haven't posted or even looked at them in years.
Same here unless there's a thread on the front page that catches my eye. Even that is pretty rare.

Plus, wasn't there a recent movie about that that has yet to be released on DVD? I haven't seen it
You should, good movie.

but that may be a bit more timely than talking about a show that has been dead for years, that has no hope of ever returning
I don't think Firefly/Serenity is at all likely to come back, at least not on the screen. But never say never, especially in this age when remakes are apparently in vogue.
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