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Re: Why is Firefly's Cancellation So Unforgiveable?

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^That's a huge spin of the results too, though. You say "28 threads in the last 24 hours" as if they've all been discussing Firefly that time, which they obviously haven't.

I just did play around with search a bit. There have been 12 threads with "Firefly" in the title in all of 2009. Of the remaining threads on the first page of "Search entire post" results, most of them are subjects where it's perfectly reasonable for it to come up, and/or really long threads where it's not unreasonable to suppose it may have been mentioned at some point. The remaining threads I'll grant I'm curious how it came up (not really sure how it's relevant to Karl Urban's hair color).
Yes, I shorthanded the description a bit there. As I stated earlier, it is 28 threads active in the last 24 hours. And I addressed the rest of your point in this post:

the Dagman wrote: View Post
Lindley wrote: View Post
That's misleading. Some of those threads are very long, and if the word "Firefly" was mentioned *anywhere* in them even once, they'll show up in that list regardless of what the latest activity was about.

But even if there were that much discussion, so what? The fact that we still have stuff to talk about after all this time just answers the question in this thread's OP. It's not something we're going to apologize for.
And I wasn't asking for one.

I was just making my point that you people never shut up about the show. The fact that it may have been mentioned only once in each of those threads disproves my point how? In fact, that just makes it worse! In that you fans feel the need to interject some mention of that show that many times in a short period, even in subjects totally unrelated to the show, only strengthens my point.
Oh, and btw, I searched all the threads I have posted in. Well, the last 200 at least. But that goes back to March of this year. And this is the only thread about Firefly I have posted in in all that time. I did post in the thread about if you think Whedon is overrated, which I agreed he is. And I also said good for him for getting his foot into Hollywood and we should all be so lucky. But that is it. So it isn't like I am hounding you fans on this. I am merely stating an observation and making a point.

And your point saying Firefly is like Doctor Who? No. It's not. I have been watching Who since the 70s and it is totally different. At least in my opinion.

Anyways, my point is made. I will drop the bone and pull my head out of the fence now. Carry on, you incessant Browncoats.

(eta: to the snarks about posting about star trek: Those forums still exist? I haven't posted or even looked at them in years. Plus, wasn't there a recent movie about that that has yet to be released on DVD? I haven't seen it but that may be a bit more timely than talking about a show that has been dead for years, that has no hope of ever returning, and doesn't have a forum dedicated to it like so many of those other shows mentioned. Just sayin'...)
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