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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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I know this might show my drastic ignorance on the subject, but does AutoCAD allow for object "instances"? That is, instead of copy/paste and increasing your object count, you would have a single object, instantiated in multiple locations - that way, you would only have multiple "pointers" to a single point in memory for multiple repeating objects (corridor segments, transporter rooms, crew quarters, etc.), taking significantly less RAM. It's a pretty common programming concept, particularly in the object-oriented world, but I was curious if AutoCAD had a similar feature to help cut down the size of runaway files like this one. Just a thought. You can tell me to shut up if I'm talking out my ass on this one.
It does (kinda), and I use that extensively, but there are enough subtle differences in most places that objects are "similar" but not "identical" so I wind up having to create a unique instance of an object. The corridors, for example. There are the two types: Radial (angled panels on both sides) and concentric (angled panels on one side only). The joints between segments are objects, they don't change from one to another. The concentric corridor segments, however, have to be cut to fit at the correct angle for each corridor. The radial ones have to be cut to fit in the hall length (not as often, but they do from time to time). I could probably use more object dropping instead of unique building, but it winds up as six of one, half a dozen of the other. The other problem is, when I insert a block (AutoCAD object), it instantiates the whole block - not just an object reference, so it makes almost no difference in size/performance (AutoCAD 2000 might do better at it, I have not experimented with that in this version yet).
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