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Re: Why is Firefly's Cancellation So Unforgiveable?

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Oh really? Just two? Try using that search feature at the top of the page and type the word "firefly" into the drop down. I count 28 threads active just within the last 24 hours that Firefly was brought up in some way. 28 threads in 24 hours. And 43 threads in the last week alone.

Like I said, you fans of the show never shut up about it.
Dude, seriously, what's your problem? There are tens of thousands of posts on this message board. There are, by your count, exactly 28 threads devoted to a specific show. So fucking what?

There are also threads devoted to Babylon 5, Doctor Who, Stargate, BSG, M*A*S*H, CSI, Family Guy, and a lot of other shows.

If you don't like a subject, don't click on it. No one in the world is forcing you to see "Oh, another XXX thread" and click on it. Take a chill pill, mature yourself a little, and move the fuck on.
Look, I could really give a shit about the entire subject. Lindley pulled that "two threads in the last month" line that was so laughably wrong that I was able to disprove it by a two second search. And having done that you come in claiming I need to chill (why? I am laughing at all of you! I couldn't be more chilled right now if I was high on pot) and mature myself?

Oh, and that was 28 threads in the last 24 hours. Not 28 total threads, btw. And as I said in the post you didn't entirely quote, I almost never poke my head into one of these threads. Search my posts, I dare you. Go on. I have nothing to hide. Tell me where I have been in a Firefly thread recently. I cannot even remember the last time myself, so I will go search too just out of curiosity.
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