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Re: Your favourite TrekLit ships?

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Forget the characters – Star Trek thrives on cool spaceships. TrekLit’s given us a bunch of new ships over the years, most notably the USS Titan. Recently the USS Aventine was revealed, prior to being plastered on the cover of the Aventine chapter of the Typhon Pact next year.
I would like to thank you for alerting me to this, but having just seen it at memory beta, I think I won't. Who out of interest designed the Aventine? Was a competion like the Titan? I like the Titan (I had problems with the sensor pod at first, but the 3D images of the Aventine proved it worked. I'm hoping the 3D images will rid me of the dislike I currently have for Ezris flying cheesewedge.)

Personally the ships I tend to like are the most are the none Starfleet ones. At the end of the day, USS Defiant aside all Starfleet vessels tended to look much the same and I think the lack of cilivan ships in Star Trek over the years said something about the creativity that was occuring. I think hearing a bit more about the other ships in the Federation would give the Trekverse a much more real and lived in feel. Which is a rambling way of asking 'when are we going to see what Paris one/Federation one/Starfleet one looks like?

That said the Enterprise J in the Ships of the Line calender was pretty awesome.

There's an LCARS-style spinning 3D Aventine (albiet untextured) on YouTube: I think it looks alright, but that said I like the new supersized Enterprise-on-steriods from the new film.
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