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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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There is a caveat: the profiles must be closed polylines or a series of overlapping closed polylines. I'm working on a TOS exterior in AutoCAD and for the neck I had to do a lofted ellipse at the front and back and then a lofted rectangle in the middle to get the proper profile. When unioned it looks like a smooth shape.

Yeah the discovery on the closed polylines was not...expident...I use region most often.

You maybe able to help me: I need to create sections for loft that use spline like curves but Loft despise splines. Suggestions?

Arcs seem to be my only option with out buying one of these add-ons that convert splines into polylines.
(Perhaps we can make a thread for project questions or something)
At least in R13 and 2000 splines are polylines. Much of this ship is built with splined polylines that have been either extruded or revolved.
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