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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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My only AutoCAD 2000 question at the moment is: Can I do the complex curves (like I need to do on the neck) with anything other than Edgesurf? I am not happy about the neck, but going back and doing an edgesurf and then cutting a block to make it work is just so very time-consuming and draining (and I know I'll have more issues with that sort of thing when I get up to B and C decks).
Birdog is right, Right now edge surf and the other surf commands are you best bet and then cutting from a solid.
In 2007 you can use convert to solid and the LOFT Command which makes most of my work alot easier despite the pains of fighting CAD fincky definitions of closed and regioned spaces and which ones are right for what operation....Boy....

I'd take Birdog up on his offer. All he has to do is create sections of the solid (which you essentially already have in the form of decks) and then string a couple of guide lines and VIOLA....the perfect neck.
There is a caveat: the profiles must be closed polylines or a series of overlapping closed polylines. I'm working on a TOS exterior in AutoCAD and for the neck I had to do a lofted ellipse at the front and back and then a lofted rectangle in the middle to get the proper profile. When unioned it looks like a smooth shape.
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