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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

I know what you mean. This year isn't too bad to be honest because of all the very solid teams that ended up in pot 2 and there were quite a few good sides in pot 3 too. And Wolfsburg will mess things up I expect. But you can still predict every group's winners and runners-up, mainly because the structure of pot 4 means there's a guaranteed weak team in 7 groups out of the 8.

It's never a popular opinion, but I really think seeding isn't the best way. I know it's to ensure you have the top teams playing each other later on, but I'd love to see a completely random group draw where anyone can get anyone else. It might even kill off the English-Spanish-Italian monopoly on the competition if they get drawn together.

I wouldn't be against a straight knockout competition either, scrapping the groups altogether. The stakes would always be high in every game, thus removing a lot of the duds you get with groups, especially when teams qualify early.

Also if you finish 3rd or 4th in your league, you shouldn't be in a 'Champions League'. Either change the name or amend the structure again. I know that would lead to leagues getting monopolised because of the extra money and TV rights but let's face it Spain and England are already a 2-horse race every year. If you're lucky it'll be 3 teams still in contention by March.

None of the above will ever happen
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