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Re: Modified TOS Ent - Wallpapers

I'm currently working on changing scenes out of the remastered episodes of star trek with my own because I felt the CGI models on the remastered versions don't look realistic, It looks too much like a computer game.

The problem I'm having is the basic original model enterprise is very hard to make look plausible as a large man made object, All to do with the simple shapes on it's design. I don't suppose vector has offered this mesh to the public yet? I'm far better at creating scenes then I am creating a mesh.

Something else I've always tried to do and have never been satisfied with is creating a model of the enterprise that would fit in better as a pre/refit version of the enterprise structurally from an engineering point of view.

Yes I know it's sci fi (fiction) but it always bugged me that the TMP enterprise doesn't look anything like the original enterprise. It's as if they went from a Model T ford and did a refit, sudenly it's a 2009 Ford Mustang. commonsense tells me that an organisation would see better use of resources by building a whole new ship rather then comit to a refit as radical as the original to refit version of the enterprise.
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