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Underrated Queen songs

Queen is probably the greatest rock band ever, with a breadth & depth of material unparalleled in popular music. They've already done several Greatest Hits albums. But from such a deep group, some of their songs are bound to fall through the cracks. What are your favorite Queen songs beyond the overexposed standards like "We Will Rock You," "We Are the Champions," "Bohemian Rhapsody," & "Bicycle Race"?

For me...

There's a lot of gems from their first 2 albums that sometimes seem nearly forgotten. "Great King Rat" & "March of the Black Queen" are my favorites from this era.

"Don't Try Suicide" is a very fun song, all the more fun for having such serious subject matter.

"A Kind of Magic" is a great album, but whereas much of the focus goes to the title track & "Who Wants to Live Forever," I prefer "Gimme the Prize" & "Princes of the Universe." "Princes of the Universe" also has a kickass music video, complete with Christopher Lambert getting into a swordfight with Freddie Mercury.

"The Miracle" is another underrated album filled to the brim with masterpieces like "The Invisible Man" & "Was It All Worth It?"

"Mustapha" is a great example of Queen doing something absolutely off the wall.

"A Night at the Opera" is typically considered their best album. Even so, "'39," "I'm in Love With My Car," & "The Prophet's Song" don't get nearly enough radio play.

What are your favorite underrated Queen gems?
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