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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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Hey, quick question here... since you're on a more powerful tool now, with more powerful hardware... and since your modeling seems to be, in large part, reuse of "symbols" (corridor segments, etc)... have you considered trying to match colors a bit more closely at this stage (before it becomes too tedious)? I can tell you've done a bit of color now, but some stuff seems to be "default grey" tone. Is that the long-term plan or do you plan to make it a closer match eventually?
I am still learning AutoCAD 2000, so I don't entirely know how to do some of those things. Most of what I'm doing is exactly what I would have done with R13. I could go through and assign detailed colors, but that gets into more artistic stuff that I just don't know how to do well. Obviously, some things have been done in color (lifepods, cargo hold etc.), and I will likely add more color at key locations - I had long seen this more as a "build it" project than a "paint it" project.

Saquist - what will really scare you is that I'm starting to see this as a "rough draft" build, with a more detailed, better designed build to come in a later attempt. There are many things I would do differently, now that I am that much more familiar with the problem space. Maybe I'll build a Locknar and an Excelsior before returning and doing this project over.
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